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One Machine – Many Applications For Your Clients


Destroy fat cells by freezing them at sub-zero temperatures. Cryo T-Shock fat freezing procedure is the a non-surgical fat reduction treatment using controlled cooling and thermo shock to eliminate undesired fat resisting all efforts through diet and exercise.


Toning & Anti-Cellulite

Cryo T-Shock Toning & Anti Cellulite is a non-invasive answer to get rid of stubborn cellulite and tone the body. By reducing the temperature of the skin, Cryo T-Shock boosts collagen production, increases blood circulation, tones the skin and fights cellulite.


By alternating cold and warm temperatures, Cryo T-Shock cools down the face, widens blood vessels, reduces wrinkles, tightens the skin. It triggers deep layers of collagen into production, smoothes facial lines, reduces blemishes, puffiness and clears skin colour.

Best in class - Surprisingly affordable

The CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 and CRYO T-SHOCK STAR are able to transfer heat, cold and heat flows, alternated in a dynamic and controlled way, with real-time feedback monitoring the delivered temperatures, for the ultimate in both effectiveness and safety. No pain. No downtime.

Seeing is believing

Finally, a scientifically based, non-invasive answer to eliminating stubborn fat deposits when diet and exercise are not enough. You can see changes in just a few treatments. No pain or recovery time. By using alternating heat and cold in varying times and frequency, the CRYO T-SHOCK 4.0 can be used in pain relief, inflammation, muscle disorders and also for reducing fat deposits and the appearance of cellulite and tighten loose or creapy skin. 

What clients are saying…

“My experience with Alberto was nothing sort of amazing. He is a spa owner himself so he put himself in my place and walked me through the entire process. Our Cryo T-Shock has made a big impact in our business and we will be purchasing a second machine for our other location shortly”

Kimberly H.

“The machine is actually very easy to use so you can focus on your client. When the process is easy your staff are very keen to offer the services to their clients.”

Monica Kirschen

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Our news section contains lots of great information about our equipment, treatments, services and opportunities to grow your business using this innovative technology from Italy.

Award-Winning Design

by Pagani:


  • Affordable and profitable
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • One machine offering multiple types of services
  • Non-invasive with results you can see and feel after each treatment

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