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The engineers at Pagani, a company based in Milan, have been quietly winning awards in the spa industry, having discovered a very safe way to treat problem areas without pain or surgery. Better still, the relative cost per treatment is very reasonable considering the effectiveness of the treatment program. This has been a win-win situation for salon and spa owners around the world as the T-Shock and CryoStar by Pagani have been proven to be highly effective on a variety of modalities without having to spend hundreds of thousands on the equipment for such procedures.

Here are some fundamental advantages of T-Shock at CryoStar by Pagani:

  1. There is low cost of entry: In a relatively short period of time centers that purchase the Cryo T-Shock see a return on their investment. Of course, you must know how to get the word out about its benefits, but it is an effective upsell to existing services. The results produce strong word-of-mouth sales.
  2. Results are immediate: Unlike some competitors’ products, the Cryo T-Shock offers visible improvement in the overall smoothness of the client’s skin in just one session. After about five sessions, parts of their body will be much slimmer.
  3. It’s green: Cryo T-Shock is gas-free, uses no ice, has no compressor, nor does it emit any substances into the environment.
  4. Higher quality: Our machine is 100% made in Italy from high-grade materials and manufacturing standards. In spite of the high grade, Pagani is able to offer the T-Shock at a very competitive price point.
  5. Exclusive technology: Our hot and cold combination therapy process is proprietary and developed in-house entirely. No other device on the market can replicate the effectiveness of Cryo T-Shock.

The magic of T-Shock is in its results. Testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing are unparalleled in this arena. Pagani has been manufacturing medical devices since 1947 and has the experience and rigorous testing processes to stand behind its products.

Non-invasive body contouring treatments are now a booming industry. People all over the country are seeking way to trim a few inches and avoid surgery. Any spa or esthetic medicine practice can benefit from owning a body-shaping device in house as the Instagram effect is influencing more and more people to seek what is perceived as “perfection.” Body contouring and fat and cellulite reduction treatments are in high demand, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

It is possible that fashion may also play a part; for example the growing trend of activewear such as yoga pants and Lycra leggings being worn in everyday life; perhaps demanding a more toned shape.

“Both of these factors may potentially be the reasons why women’s focus for cosmetic surgery in 2017 has shifted from their face to their body in order to address the stubborn areas that neither diet, exercise, nor filters can reach.”


First of all, should you invest in a body-shaping machine, you want it to work, bottom line. People come back with results. People share their results with others. Customer satisfaction in number one.

Secondly, you want good value out of your machine. Do your research and find one that is well-made, tough enough to hold up under heavy usage. Remember, it’s the cost-per-use that matters. So don’t cheap out and end up pouring tons of money in repairs and replacement parts—not to mention downtime.

Ease of use and training support: No matter how good a machine is, it can be rendered useless if it is difficult for your staff to use. Does the company that sells it offer comprehensive training? These days, the best body-shaping machines are easy to use.

Space requirements: Can your location handle a bigger machine? Or is portability paramount to your tightly spaced environment? Think ahead.

Know your demographic: Is your area more affluent? Do the core clientele have time for multiple treatments? Match your machine purchase to the crowd it will serve.

Bottom line: Now is the time to get in on the demand for non-invasive body shaping. The technology has advanced so much in the last three years and there are many more options that won’t break the bank, especially when considering the potential return on investment. The truth is, for most people, diet and exercise has its limits. An effective body-sculpting machine can deliver on the promise of making people feel better in their own skin. This is a super important selling point.

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