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Revenue Projections

See how your business could benefit from our easy to use world-class slimming and toning machines by Pagani

Simple math

Using a salon in Switzerland as a model, we have provided an example revenue projections to give you an idea as to how a CryoStar or T-Shock 4.0 machine could impact your business.

On average, a business that adds a Cryo T-shock machine increases revenue by $20,000 per month.

We found the average price for fat reduction in Switzerland is: $750 CHF

We suggest a range of $250-$400 per treatment with a minimum price of $200 per treatment for slimming or toning, and $150-$250 for Facials. The figures below are based on Slimming and Toning Sessions.

The advantage of having a T-shock is that you can perform slimming, toning and facials. Other similar devices only offer fat reduction.

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